Smart meter upgrades have been the talk of the town over the past year. The U.K. government has made it regulatory for every house to be fitted with a smart meter by 2020. It is a conscious step towards an all-inclusive energy use data to measure the carbon footprint and to manage the country better in case of a power outage in any part of the country. But before getting a smart meter installed, you may want to learn about why you need the upgrade.

What is a Smart Meter?

With an ever-changing energy system, it is essential to keep yourself updated. Smart meters have come into the market to replace conventional standard meters. They act as a smart upgrade for your standard gas/water and electric connections. These innovative new smart meters pave way for easier tracking of your energy usage through the highly secure national communication network (DCC).

What are the Advantages of Upgrading to a Smart Meter?

There are countless reasons as to why a smart meter has the upper hand as compared to standard meters. A few reasons that would benefit you are:

  • Government mandate: You would essentially have to get a smart meter installed by 2020 as part of the government’s regulations. So, the earlier you educate yourself about the options available to you, the higher are your chances of getting yourself an efficient smart meter that would aid you in ways you would not have realised before.
  • Efficient choice: You probably don’t keep track of your energy spend monthly, and are sometimes shocked by your usage. With a smart meter, you don’t even need a visit from the energy company to help you read your meter. It cuts down the obsolete process wherein households are required to track their own usage before submitting the data to suppliers who in turn provide you with an “accurate” bill that you have to cross-check again due to the fear of being over-charged.
  • Easy assessment and cost saving: The new smart meter system provides you real-time updates on your usage on your in-home display and thus, allows you to compare and switch your utility company if you observe that you are being over-charged. Also, tracking and monitoring your energy use would enable you to keep a tab on the amount of energy you use on each device so that you can adapt accordingly. This helps you be a more environmentally conscious citizen while saving you a hole in the pocket, especially during the winters!
  • Socially viable/ Safe: In some inevitable circumstances such as harsh weather conditions or natural disasters or a power outage, your energy suppliers and the government will be able to track you through these smart meters and ensure your safety. At the same time, the real-time updates and easy monitoring system help you realise any faults or leaks in your wiring or that need to be rectified. This helps you evade a disaster even before it happens. Better safe than sorry!

Know the Facts about Smart Meters.

For any queries about smart meter upgrades , you can call Connections2Energy on 03300552559. Our head office is located at Suite 18, Link 665, Business Centre, Todd Hall Road, Haslingden, Lancashire BB5 5HU.

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