Taking a gas connection may seem a long and hassled process! Well, your tension does not end with the application process. The next cause of concern is the meter installation. It has often been seen that meter installers tend to identify issues with gas, equipment or appliances. These issues need to be corrected immediately for the well-being and safety of homeowners. The problem may either be fixed by the technician himself or require it to be done by suppliers, electricity/gas network provider or the premises owner.

Meter Installation

The first step for using any utility like gas or electricity is the meter installation. Meters and metering technology has improved over time. Today, you will find a range of smart meters in the market. Here are few things about meter installation that you should know:

  • There are a variety of standards and smart meters available in the market. You need to choose a design that fits the overall look of your property, your energy needs and usage. There is a significant difference in the prices of these meters too.
  • Meter installation is not only required when you take a new connection, but you may also need to remove, relocate, upgrade or replace the meters for a variety of reasons.
  • Depending on your energy requirements, you need to decide on the size of meter required to monitor consumption. The requirement calculation will consider all appliances on the property that use electricity or gas. A registered engineer with the gas company will be able to assess loading requirements of your property.
  • To ensure that you get the meter that suits your requirements, your estimated consumption is calculated. There are different meter options across a range of consumption levels. You need to select a meter that suits your needs and budget.
  • Before commencement of meter installation work on a property, a site risk assessment needs to be done.
  • The installation needs to be in line with the guidelines set for gas and electricity supply in the UK.
  • The meter installation housing needs to have provisions for ventilation. It is essential to make sure that minor gas leaks do not cause the atmosphere to become unsafe and allow leaked gas to be detected by people passing by.
  • While choosing ventilation, make sure they are fire resistant, weatherproof and non-adjustable.
  • High energy bills or unusual meter readings are a significant cause for concern. There may be some fault with the meter. It is best to get the meter checked and cleared your suspicions.
  • Once you choose a meter and get a quote, you need to wait for the meter installation. Usually, gas meter installation takes around 6 days while electricity meter installation takes approximately 15 days. The time required will vary with the scope of work and location of the property.
  • Charges for meter installation vary with a service provider. Few providers give free meter installation to residential connections. You need to shop around for the best quote and service.

Get in touch with the gas or electricity supplier in your locality for any questions related to meter installations.

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