Common Myths About Natural Gas

There’s no question that natural gas is a very useful energy source. It provides power safely and at a reasonable cost.   Given this fact, why do people seem reluctant to have a gas connection installed? As a gas...

Understanding The Water System

No house is complete without a proper water connection system. A poor water system can make life horrible. Imagine having your toilet bowl overflowing or your kitchen sink babbling whenever your washing machine drains.  When planning to build a home, be sure to...

All about Prepayment Energy Meters

Looking for a way to manage your energy costs? You may consider installing a prepayment energy meter. But what is a prepayment meter?  Prepayment Energy Meter Explained  As the name suggests, a prepayment meter allows you to pay for your electricity or gas in advance...

How to Check If Your Electricity Meter Is Faulty

Common Issues of a Faulty Electric Meter  We all know when something goes haywire with our electricity. During a power cut, our homes go dark. Also, we can tell straight away if the light is flickering or something is tripping the fuses. However, what about electric...

Dial Before You Dig

With Connections2energy, our priority is to provide services as safely and reliably as possible. We don’t want any of our client’s services to be disrupted, and we do a pretty good job of ensuring that people get what they pay for. One thing that we...

Know More About Electric Power Units

When you buy a new appliance, you would have noticed that they tell you what the power rating is? Are you a bit baffled by this? It’s not surprising considering that not all appliances use the same electricity connection power units.  They might be displayed in...

All about temporary electricity connection

About temporary electricity connection  If you don’t have access to a permanent source of electricity, you might need a temporary electricity connection. The distribution of energy is of a temporary nature, which means that you will switch to a regular...
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