Gas Heating Vs Electric System

Have you ever thought about which heating solution you should use? Considering this is important and it’s a question that carries conclusions for the energy efficiency of your home or property. Gas Central heating is one of the most popular and common central heating...

Common Myths About Natural Gas

There’s no question that natural gas is a very useful energy source. It provides power safely and at a reasonable cost. Given this fact, why do people seem reluctant to have a gas connection installed? As a gas utility company, Connections2energy has heard many...

Dial Before You Dig

With Connections2energy, our priority is to provide services as safely and reliably as possible. We don’t want any of our client’s services to be disrupted, and we do a pretty good job of ensuring that people get what they pay for. One thing that we...
Gas Leakage — What to do when you smell gas?

Gas Leakage — What to do when you smell gas?

Do’s Gas leaks happen every day, and it’s very important to know how to handle the situation — it could be nothing major, or it could be lethal. Now, let’s start with the basics — you need to know that gas leaks can occur even if no gas-fueled appliances are on. Gas...
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