All about Prepayment Energy Meters

Looking for a way to manage your energy costs? You may consider installing a prepayment energy meter. But what is a prepayment meter? Prepayment Energy Meter Explained As the name suggests, a prepayment meter allows you to pay for your electricity or gas in advance...
Smart Meters for Small Businesses

Smart Meters for Small Businesses

Smart meters are being rolled out in the UK by 2020, as instigated by the government in order to tackle climate change. They are thoroughly recommended for business premises specially smart meters for small businesses to install them as suppliers will be moving to...
Facts About Smart Meters

Facts About Smart Meters

Smart Meter Facts You’ve probably heard about smart meter upgrades, as it’s been a hot topic for the past year. Although the government has said it wants every home in the UK to be fitted with a smart meter by 2020, you may want to know some smart meter facts before...
All About Meter Installation

All About Meter Installation

Taking a gas connection may seem a long and hassled process! Well, your tension does not end with the application process. The next cause of concern is the meter installation. It has often been seen that meter installers tend to identify issues with gas, equipment or...
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