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With Connections2energy, our priority is to provide services as safely and reliably as possible. We don’t want any of our client’s services to be disrupted, and we do a pretty good job of ensuring that people get what they pay for.

One thing that we can’t plan for is when someone intends to do works or dig. And that’s where we need your help. If you are planning a safe dig, we ask you to dial before you dig, UK.


That’s a fair question, primarily if you are working on your land. There are a few basic reasons that we ask you to dial before you dig:

  • It’s to help keep you safe. We can check precisely where our utility lines are running to avoid you accidentally breaking one of them.
  • We can shut down that area of the grid and make alternative arrangements for our other clients. That way, you are safer, and your neighbours won’t hate you for shutting off the power.
  • We can be ready if something does go wrong.

How Much Notice?

Please contact us at least two weeks in advance.

How to Contact Us

So, you want to dial before you dig, but you don’t know whom to contact? Our head office in Haslingden is the best contact point.

You can go to https://www.connections2energy.co.uk/contact/ and find the details for our Head Office. Here is the cheat sheet, though:

Our address is:


Suite 18, Link 665

Business Centre

Todd Hall Road, Haslingden

Lancashire, BB4 5HU

What we Need to Know

  • What work you are planning to do.
  • The postcode or grid reference of the area.
  • The location plan of the works.
  • When you are starting.
  • How to contact you.

Once we have this information, we can check and see whether or not any of our infrastructures may be at risk. If so, we will give you a map showing where our infrastructure is. This is a free service.

We will then complete a risk assessment and provide you with a free map of our infrastructure if appropriate.

Let’s Figure This Out Together

We understand how dangerous it can be to work around utility pipelines. One small error in calculation and your spade or pick has severed someone’s gas line. Which means that work is going to have to stop until the break is fixed.

By calling us ahead of time, you can ensure that your workers are safe and that there are fewer annoying delays.

By giving us upfront notice, you are making it possible for us to provide you with practical advice regarding working near utility lines. We’ll also map out our lines for so that you can see how they go. All of this is a free service that we offer.


We want your works to go off as smoothly and safely as possible. Give us a call before you get started so that we can ensure you know exactly where not to dig.

Download this infographic.

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