Keeping a check on your energy consumption will help you to control your electricity bills to a significant extent. There are several factors that influence your energy usage and even getting advise from a professional electrical installer can create a difference of several pounds in your electricity bills. Here is a list of factors that affects your electricity supply bill. You can stick to following tactics to optimise your energy usage thereby keeping your electricity bills low:

  • Power suppliers have electricity generators installed at their plant which use fuel to generate energy. A sudden increase or decrease in fuel cost directly impacts the tariffs of your electricity bills. Apart from this, the operating, construction and maintenance costs involved at the power plants also influence the rate of energy bills.
  • The rate of electricity also changes according to the type of consumer. Industrial and commercial users need to pay high electricity rates as compared to residential consumers. Projects which are environmental friendly are eligible for hefty discounts on their electricity tariffs. In some cases, they can avail prices which are close to the wholesale rates of electricity.
  • In most of the states, government authorities regulate the electricity price rates. The tariff may change when authorities take some important decision to control energy usage in the specific region. Though electricity rates vary according to the locality, there are some standard set of guidelines which every state needs to follow when it comes to setting the rate on electricity consumption.
  • Most of the power suppliers charge high tariffs on electricity consumption during the specific time slot of the day when electricity is in strong demand. By following few simple changes in your everyday routine will create a big difference. For example, you can do laundry or iron your clothes in the afternoon when energy tariffs are low.
  • Electricity rates usually vary according to the season. For example, the demand for electricity is high during the winter season as most of the people use high voltage electronic appliances during winter.
  • The kind of electric appliances you are using in your home also affect the electricity bill. For example, replacing the old appliances with the more efficient ones will result in maximum energy consumption which will directly influence the energy bills. Buying appliances with power rating may cost you some money at the beginning, but it will save you a decent amount in the long term.
  • If your refrigerator gasket doesn’t have a proper seal or there is a leakage of power through your electrical cable because of improper insulation, then it will impact your electricity bills very badly. Get in touch with an electricity expert who will not only identify the main issue but will also resolve it in quick time.

Both internal and external factors that affect your electricity bills in the long term. Few of them are in your hand, while some of them are uncontrollable. So paying attention to the factors that are right under your control can definitely help you to save a chunk of money on your upcoming electricity bills.

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