With rising costs of living and growing inflation, household expenses have increased drastically in recent time. Homeowners need to make sure that they not only make ends meet but also plan their savings. With household expenses on an upward trajectory over past years, smart homeowners are doing a lot of things to minimise cost including Gas Connection Cost. Cutting costs become crucial for households when a rise in the cost of essential things hits hard on their pocket. Gas bill is a monthly expense that every homeowner needs to make. To minimize the cost of gas connection, it is first important to know factors that affect the cost of gas connection.

Gas Connection Cost

There are several gas distribution networks operating across the UK. Though the service provided by all of these companies in similar, their prices may vary. Here are a few factors that affect new gas connection cost.

  • Where you are located — Transportation costs are high in case of gas supply. So, your location is an important factor that decides your gas connection costs. The prices will vary as per the location of your property within the plot, area you are residing in and the service provider. If your property is at a distance from the local gas main, the charges will be higher. The distance of the mains connection from the meter box also causes a change in prices. More the distance, higher is the connection cost.
  • How many appliances are present —Higher the number of appliances using gas on a property, higher will be the connection costs. Check your floor plan and understand which areas will require gas supply.
  • Who is providing the service —The cost of gas connections vary with the service providers. To get an idea of the cost of connection for your property, talk to various service providers in your area and get a quote. Few companies display the rates on their website. Just visit their website and enter your area code and check the prices online.
  • External world events —Power being an open market, the costs of gas supply change with the global changes in prices of raw fuel. Prices also fluctuate with market reforms, taxation, regulations, accessibility of natural gas and more.
  • What is the amount of work required —To get the gas supply to your property, sometimes moving your gas meter is required like the piping, meter and more. The work required can be divided into contestable and noncontestable work. You can talk to another electrician or gas engineer and get quotes on contestable work. It will help you to get the best deal. The noncontestable part of work can only be done by the distributor.
  • What is the amount of workers required —If the setup is complex, the number of people required will be more. The number of engineers needed and the complexity of connection will influence connection costs. More the complexity, higher the costs.

Most DNOs publish their connection charging methods on their website. It will help you get a proper estimate of the new gas connection cost for your property. Shop around for the best quality service at affordable prices.

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