Have you ever thought about which heating solution you should use? Considering this is important and it’s a question that carries conclusions for the energy efficiency of your home or property.

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Gas Central heating is one of the most popular and common central heating systems across the UK and is considered to be the cheapest way of heating a property. When a gas system is installed it consists of a single boiler which heats up water and pumps via pipes and radiators throughout a property, providing hot water to kitchen and bathrooms.

On the other hand, Electric heating is also evolving with the changes in technology which means, if your property hasn’t got access to a gas connection, then you could think of adding electric heating as a less time-consuming option.

With upgraded heating control features you’re able to cut down your heating costs, but to get to this point, knowing whether gas heating or energy efficient electric radiators are more economic for your building is crucial.

Let’s start off by looking at the benefits of gas heating;

In the UK there are around 95% heat generators that are gas boilers, whether that’s in residential buildings or apartments. There are many advantages of having gas boilers which is why heating with gas is so popular. There are two areas you can take advantage of with gas boilers; economic advantages and ecological.


Advantages of Gas Heating

Homeowners can remain financially flexible by avoiding commitment to high investments when they have gas heating installed, In comparison to other heating systems. One of the cheapest heat generators is gas boilers. Choosing the gas option is a cost effective and safer option for homeowners as they benefit from both low-cost consumption and high operational reliability. Gas boilers are proven to be one of the most reliable as they’ve been used for decades. Depending on the tariff, on average, one kilowatt hour of natural gas can cost around 4.5 pence, this shows gas prices remain quite low.

The fuel supply of gas heating is another advantage as it can be environmentally friendly, this is due to the reliability of supply and clean combustion. This option for gas heating is considered as a much safer option as natural gas reserves are increasing regularly. Natural gas burns clean and produces only a tiny amount of pollutants amongst the fossil fuels. Not only does this reduce environmental burden, it also increases economic efficiency. Using natural form of gas to heat your business or property offers reliability.

Now let’s look at the benefits of Electric Heating

It’s important to make sure your heating solution Is energy efficient. Electric heating is developing along with energy focused innovations, the latest developments of electric heating’s are fast and effective.

Electric heating systems are a lot faster and cheaper to install in comparison to gas heating as they require a lot more time and equipment. The installation for electric heating systems don’t need any form of pipework or flute which means there Is no restrictions on the layout or design of the establishment.

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  • Portable electric heaters don’t consume like gas heaters do, this means there aren’t any fumes and no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Annual checks don’t need to be carried out.
  • Electric heaters aren’t heated by water which means you won’t need to worry about water leaks and there’s no need to drain these particular radiators.
  • You don’t need to worry about your radiators overheating.

There’s several benefits when installing electric radiators into your property, an advantage of electric heating system is it efficiently retains heat unlike other forms of heating systems. Even if you open the window of your home, with energy efficient heating systems your building will remain warm.

Unlike boiler systems, all the fuel which is used from an electric heating is 100% efficient which means the fuel used is turned into heating. If gas booker systems have been fitted within a rental property, the landlords are responsible to do an annual check. A yearly maintenance is required for gas heating systems which means it can be quite costly, whereas electric heating systems don’t need any checks.

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Whether you’re based in Manchester or Scotland, if you’re a homeowner or are looking to add electricity instillations in your building, Connections2Energy can offer you electricity connections and gas connections with full service.

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