Landlords and Smart Meters Installation provides a huge benefit to your property.

Whether bills are included in your tenant’s rent, or they pay energy bills themselves, smart meters can be an excellent choice for your property. An easy way to see how much energy has been used, putting an end to estimated bills, smart meters can encourage people to use less energy and switch off appliances that aren’t in use. Here are a few reasons why landlords can benefit from the use of smart meters, and why landlords in Lancashire should consider installing them in their properties.

Monitoring energy use

Some properties in Lancashire are rented out with bills included, and landlords who offer this kind of rental need to be aware of how much it’s costing them. When people have their bills included, they can sometimes take advantage of the situation and might be leaving things running all the time. While your utility company will send bills with a breakdown of gas, electricity, and water, this won’t include specifics about how the energy has been used. If you are getting particularly high bills for certain tenants, then a smart meter could make it easier to see where issues are arising.

Calculating living costs

When tenants come to view your property, they’ll want to know the cost of:

  • Rent
  • Council tax
  • Gas and electricity bills
  • Water rates
  • Service charges and other costs

By using a smart meter, you can give them a good indication of how much their bills will be, which helps them to decide whether the property is affordable. Smart meter upgrades are an excellent way to work out roughly how much it costs to heat the house, run appliances, and other energy expenses. Energy bills vary up and down Lancashire, with the country having everything from new build flats in Preston, to rustic stone homes in Colne, which means energy costs can vary considerably.

Pre-pay modes

Some tenants use pre-pay meters to make it easier to pay their energy bills, and smart meters are compatible with this sort of system. With energy bills in the North West some of the highest in the country, pre-paying is a good way for tenants to keep their bills under control. Using a smart meter also makes the process of paying easier, as instead of having to take a card to the shops to add money to their card, they can top up via an app or online, like adding credit to a phone. Pre-paying can be more expensive, but a smart meter allows tenants to be on the same tariff as other customers.

Right tariff

The best way for landlords to save money on energy is to get on the right tariff, and smart meters make this easier. By monitoring usage, the system can work out the best tariffs based on how much energy is used and when. You can ensure you are getting the right price for your gas and electric connections . Whether you’re paying the bills or your tenants are, getting on the right tariff ensures that bills are as low as possible.

If you’re considering installing a smart meter, contact Connections2energy. Based at Suite 18, Link 665 Business Centre, Todd Hall Road, Haslingden, Lancashire, BB4 5HU, you can call them on 03300552559, e-mail them on .

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