Though the overall process of moving your electricity meter looks easy, there are few necessary steps you need to follow for the ease in process. Here is a list of some useful tips you need to follow for proper shifting of your electricity meter:

  • Where you want to position your meter is the first critical step in the process of moving your electricity meter. The meter should be placed in the area which should not expose to any kind of internal or external impact.
  • Once you have finalised the position, the next thing to consider is whether to install an external box to your meter or not. It not only keeps your meter free from the maintenance but also facilitates the convenient way of meter reading. There are two different types of meter boxes available — Flush Fit and Surface mounted. You can pick one that is most suitable for your electricity meter.
  • If you want to move your electricity meter by the distance of less than 30cm, then you can get it done from any service provider. But if the meter needs to be shifted by more than 30cm, then you have to get in touch with the distributor in your locality. The process requires additional cable and other equipment, so it is recommended to take a quote from the local distributor before making a final decision of shifting a meter.
  • The cost involved in shifting your electricity meter mainly depends upon what kind of supply you are having. If it is overhead supply, then the price will be comparatively low as compared to the underground supply.
  • If your electricity supply is overhead, then it will cease on the bracket of your home. The cable will be clipped along the wall of your house until it reaches the entry point. In case of underground supply, the cable will be buried and it will run from your house to the main points.
  • Usually, it doesn’t take more than three weeks to move your electricity meter from one place to other. But if the process involves work to be done on pavement or street then it may take a bit longer. It is because the permission from authorities needs to obtain before beginning the work.
  • If a trench is required, then you can make those only on your own land. The bottom of the trench should level appropriately and it must be free from any kind of sharp objects that may create damage to the cable. Sometimes, you end up digging near other service cables of gas or telephone. So an extra precaution must be taken to avoid any danger of cable cut down of other utilities.
  • Most of the companies do shifting of your electricity meter for free if you have done any modification to your home due to disability. In such exceptional cases, you need to submit the proper documents that make you eligible for free shifting of your electricity meter.

Above mentioned steps will definitely help you to move your electricity meter without any hassle.

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