Renovations and repairs are a part of the life of every property! From making changes to the structure from time to time to modify existing utilities, you will continuously face things that need to be done. Getting an expert on the work is always a good idea as it ensures you get the best idea and service. One of the commonly seen changes in every property is Moving Gas meter. It can be a time consuming and tedious process due to the number of things involved. From finding the right position to move the meter to turn off the supply, a lot of changes need to be done. For gas meter relocation, you need to contact your gas service provider. Call them and explain your need and the reason why you need meter relocated. Most gas homecare networks have the specialist team of engineers to handle relocation and other requests.

Moving Gas meter equipment

Gas meter relocation does not mean moving the meter from one property to another. There are cases where you need to alter the position of meter within your home. You may require the gas meter to move to a new location for several reasons

  • Monitoring meter reading at its current location is difficult.
  • You are rebuilding the kitchen and change the position of your gas.
  • You are doing some other building work.
  • You need to the altered position of piping as they are coming in the way of your construction.

Points to Know About Moving Gas Meter

  • A Timescale for the report work will depend on the complexity of the entire task. Each job of gas relocation is unique. Average gas meter relocation can revolve anywhere around one day to 4- 6 weeks.
  • After you make the application in moving gas meter, a team of engineers will visit your property to analyse it. They will check the number of dugouts required and any other alterations necessary.
  • After the visit, they will provide you with a description of the work required and expected timelines. They will also contact you for a suitable day to start the work.
  • Prepare a checklist when moving the meter. Is the hose flexible? Is the meter being moved on the same side of the wall? What is the distance of movement required?
  • It is easy to move the meter within one day from its existing location. An engineer from the service provider will be able to do it. The only limitation of this move is the length of the cables and pipe attached to the meter.
  • If you need to move the meter more than 90cm or outside your home, you need to contact your gas network operator. It will require an installation of piping and other infrastructure issues.
  • You need to pay for any alteration work like dugouts that have to be done. The cost depends on the amount of work that needs to be done.

Shifting the meter to a new location involves planning! Look for the contact us or support number on the website of your service provider and place your request. They will get back to you with their team

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