Gas Heating Vs Electric System

Have you ever thought about which heating solution you should use? Considering this is important and it’s a question that carries conclusions for the energy efficiency of your home or property. Gas Central heating is one of the most popular and common central heating systems across the UK and is considered to be the cheapest […]

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Common Myths About Natural Gas

There’s no question that natural gas is a very useful energy source. It provides power safely and at a reasonable cost. Given this fact, why do people seem reluctant to have a gas connection installed? As a gas utility company, Connections2energy has heard many reasons. Most of these are based on natural gas myths that […]

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30 Ways To Save Energy And Money 

We’re always told about our impact on the environment when it comes to the amount of energy we use. We also know just how many energy saving hints and tips there are on the Internet, and indeed, a Google search will display pages of information all containing hints and tips. If you want and need […]

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The Top 5 Electrical Appliances That Use the Most Electricity

Introduction When it comes to power hungry appliances in your home, which are the worst offenders? Here at Connections2energy, we asked ourselves the same question, so we researched which appliances could get your electric meter ticking faster than it should. We were a little surprised at some of the items that made the top five […]

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Understanding The Water System

No house is complete without a proper water connection system. A poor water system can make life horrible. Imagine having your toilet bowl overflowing or your kitchen sink babbling whenever your washing machine drains. When planning to build a home, be sure to research and understand the various types of household water system connections that […]

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All about Prepayment Energy Meters

Looking for a way to manage your energy costs? You may consider installing a prepayment energy meter. But what is a prepayment meter? Prepayment Energy Meter Explained As the name suggests, a prepayment meter allows you to pay for your electricity or gas in advance usually by adding money to a smart or a key […]

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