Looking for a way to manage your energy costs? You may consider installing a prepayment energy meter. But what is a prepayment meter?

Prepayment Energy Meter Explained

As the name suggests, a prepayment meter allows you to pay for your electricity or gas in advance usually by adding money to a smart or a key card. With these types of meters, it is much easier to avoid accumulating debt for your electricity and gas.

A prepaid meter is equipped with a GSM circuit that is capable of turning the energy supply to your home is based on a credit top-up system. The good thing about these meters is that you are in full control. They work a lot like pay-as-you-go mobiles, whereby you charge a prepayment key or card at a participating shop, post office, or online.

Why Use Prepayment Meter

If you have accumulated a lot of debt, have lots of negative credits, or you’re finding it difficult to manage your bills, a prepayment meter would be a great investment for you. It can not only help you with budgeting but also help you avoid disconnections.

All about Prepayment Energy Meters

Here are some other benefits you’ll get from a prepayment energy meter:

  • Track your energy expense — With a prepayment meter, you can easily keep track of what you spend on energy monthly. This way, you can plan your budget properly. If along the way, you notice that you’re spending above your budget on energy, you can easily find out where the problem is coming from, such as an increase in energy tariffs or a faulty meter.
  • You only pay for what you use — With traditional metering services, whether or not you used an energy supply, you’ll have to pay the bill. With prepayment meters, however, you only pay for what you use. These meters are designed to stop reading immediately if there’s a cut in energy supply and starts reading once the energy supply is restored.
  • You can curb waste — With a prepayment smart meter, it is easy to know when you are misusing your gas or electricity. Therefore, you can easily come up with measures geared to minimise your energy use. Some of these meters make it even easier for you to determine how efficient your appliances are so you can make any necessary changes.

Despite these great benefits, prepayment meters are not without some disadvantages, which include the following:

  • High energy costs — you may end up paying more for your energy supply as the best energy deals aren’t normally available to prepaid customers.
  • Can be inconveniencing — You may not have the time to visit a shop or post office to top up your smart, key, or credit card to be able to continue enjoying energy supply service. You risk having your energy supply disconnected if you can’t top up your credit.

If you feel that a prepayment energy meter is right for you, you can have it installed by Connections2Energy, a premier utility services provider in the UK. For more information about the company’s metering services, click here.

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