Essential things to know on how to Relocate your Gas Meter

Gas Meter Relocation

Are you about to relocate your gas meter? Then there are a few essential things you must consider to finish the entire process smoothly. While processing your application, a customer needs to provide their rough sketch displaying the current as well as the proposed position of the meter. If you are planning to relocate your meter there are three different alternatives to choose from:

  • The first option is referred to as reduced scope alteration which is also known as back to back alteration. In this method, your meter is moved through a wall and re-installed in the external box. This option is very economical as it doesn’t involve any use of additional service pipe. In this method, some digging is required into the ground to facilitate the smooth shifting of the gas meter.
  • Another way is called standard alternation which covers everyday alteration work. It is used when you need less than three meters of extra service pipe.
  • The last and most advanced method is called extra-length alteration where you need more than three meters of extra service pipe.

The alteration of your gas meter is carried out by following simple steps.

  • The first step involves filling the specific application form mentioning all the required details.
  • Once you submit the application form to your gas metering service agent, he will get in touch with you. If your form is missing any details then he will ask you to fill those properly to complete your application.
  • Before sending you a quote, your gas supplier will send their personnel for the purpose of site surveying. The concerned person will call you and fix up prior appointment according to your convenience.
  • Once site inspection is done, the gas supplying agent will send you an exact quote either through email or post, whichever way you think is convenient.
  • The email or post will consist of all the details such as price quote and the date by which you need to make the payment. If you agree with the quote amount then you need to submit the acceptance form and make the payment before the due date.
  • Once the gas supplier gets the payment, he will send you the confirmation message. This is the stage when he will start creating a specific plan for your task.
  • The supplier will get in touch with you to plan a duration that will be suitable for you. This involves the beginning and end date of the task.
  • Once all dates are confirmed, the team of expert people will visit the site and start the alteration process. The process involves digging of ground and reinstatement of all the things to bring everything back to the normal.
  • Once all work is completed successfully, you will get a confirmation letter from the supplier.

Now you know how the process of gas relocation takes place, you can contact the gas supplier in your area and get the job done very quickly.

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