Dispelling the Smart Meter Myths

Here at Connections2energy, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about smart meters. This programme has been rolled out by the government, beginning in 2016 and by 2020, every home in the country will be offered a smart meter installation. Smart meter upgrades are intended to make peoples’ lives easier and it’s part of an overall upgrade to our dated energy system. Customers can see how much they their energy usage is costing, even from minute to minute, and the smart meter also sends meter readings to your utilities company so no one has to come out to check it for you, or you don’t have to painstakingly note down your usage.

Many people have already had a smart meter installed in their home, but there are some myths out there that have become widespread, so we decided to clear them up, once and for all.

Smart Meter Myths – Smart meters can cause fires

Just as fires don’t automatically occur from your gas/water/electric connections they won’t happen from your smart meter. It is only when there are faulty connections or failed parts that there could be a risk. Connections2energy have trained professionals to install smart meters and diagnose any faults so it is extremely unlikely that your smart meter will cause a fire.

Smart Meter Myths – Your Smart Meter can spy on you

Smart meters are similar to traditional meters and although your information is transmitted to your energy supplier, this data is sent once a day at most. Nothing other than your energy usage is sent, so you can rest assured that it is not recording your conversations or monitoring your binge TV programmes!

Smart Meter Myths – Smart Meters can be hacked

Do you trust Internet banking? Then rest assured. Smart meters use secure communications networks similar to those used for Internet banking. So, your neighbour can’t hack into your energy usage.

Smart Meter Myths — Smart Meters can damage your health

The low-frequency radio waves used by smart meters are classed as safe — that is their emissions are significantly less than TVs and mobile phones. Both Public Health England (PHE) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) carried out studies that suggested that the exposure to radio waves is below international guidelines.

Smart Meter Myths – Your Energy Data may be sold on to Third Parties

The data transmitted from your smart meter is only used to calculate how much you owe on your energy bill. It is not sold on to marketing companies. The only time that your supplier may pass on information is if they are required to by law.

Smart Meter Myths — You can’t change Energy Supplier if you have a Smart Meter

In fact, the opposite is true. Since you can monitor your usage much better, if you feel you’re being overcharged or paying too much, then you can switch to another provider. At the moment the smart meter may lose functionality temporarily but in the future, there should be no problems with switching. In the meantime, ask your energy provider if you can retain your smart meter benefits.

So, now you know the facts, call Connections2Energy on 03300552559 to learn about smart meter upgrades for your home. Our head office is located at Suite 18, Link 665, Business Centre, Todd Hall Road, Haslingden, Lancashire BB5 5HU.

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