About temporary electricity connection

If you don’t have access to a permanent source of electricity, you might need a temporary electricity connection. The distribution of energy is of a temporary nature, which means that you will switch to a regular electricity connection after finishing the work on site. Removal of the temporary power supply can begin upon completion of the work on site.

Generally speaking, a temporary electricity connection is the cabling system and supporting equipment installed for electricity distribution to various points of use within the construction industry. It is usually connected to the process of getting the permanent power supply so that we will guide you through the installation and process.

Installation and process

Before setting up a temporary electricity supply, you need to contact your existing DNO (Distribution Network Operator) for the connection and then an energy supplier who will arrange a meter. The requirements and installations may vary in different companies, but most of the process is the same or similar.

Here is everything you need to know about the installation process.

  • Contact your existing DNO to request a new domestic connection via an application/quotation and fill out an application online.
  • The meter point is commonly built-in or mounted to a wall on new builds. It allows them to externally access for the maintenance and readings without any disruption.
  • In case you need a temporary electricity supply during construction, inform your local DNO and find out what you need to get on site.
  • The DNO should prepare all the details from quotation, lead time schedule, and an acceptance form for you to sign.
  • After checking that everything is fine, fill-up the form and you are ready to begin the contract after making a payment.
  • Upon receiving a date for the new electricity connection, you should obtain a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN).
  • After you have all these requirements, you can contact your preferred utility connection supplier and arrange the installation of a meter. The new energy supply must be ready on site before the arrival of meter.

temporary electricity connection

When do you need a temporary electricity connection?

You need a temporary power supply when you have limited electricity or none on site where you need it for power tools.

Temporary electrical installations are needed whether you’re building a new home or are building a new commercial site. In case of using it for a commercial site, beside power tools, you will need temporary power for your building facilities.

While you are awaiting your quotation from the DNO, you can use the temporary electrical installations for the power on site, including site office and any machinery that requires power.

If you’ve decided you need a temporary electricity connection, or you have more questions about it, you can hire a company which will provide a point of contact or a manager of all of these processes. At Connections2energy, we can provide you with all the assistance needed, so don’t hesitate to contact us and get a quote right away!

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