Utility Connection, in different parts of the world, gas and electricity are supplied to customers through unique distribution and transmission networks. These networks transfer extreme pressure gas and high voltage electricity across any distances through gas terminals and generators. Suppliers buy gas or electricity in the wholesale market and deliver it to users who need to pay according to their extent of usage.

Utility Connection

Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) are allowed to undertake defined work as part of utility network installation. It is further taken over by the network asset operators that mainly include Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and regional network operators. To make sure that domestic connected customers who are connected to DNOs and independent network pay the same price for the service, Relative Price Control (RPC) has been introduced to set the pricing guidelines.

The market of utility connections of water is quite different from that of electricity and gas. Under this system, the developers can allow water infrastructure to be set up the (ICP) under unique settings. However, once the installation is done, the infrastructure has to be passed on to the water company. Unlike gas and electricity, the market for water utility connections is not open for the competition. Most of the ICPs in the UK don’t prefer to offer services for water connections as it is highly time-consuming and less profit oriented. However, some of the companies provide water connection installations either as a multi-utility service or standalone service.

The electricity and gas are one of the daily essentials and every consumer look for a service provider that will offer him uninterrupted service of these essentials. This is the reason why the market for utility connections of electricity and gas is growing rapidly as every day many consumers and suppliers becoming a part of the system. The privatisation of electricity and gas market in the UK and furious competition of supply has offered consumers many options to choose from. This eventually forced companies to focus on the infrastructure and service quality that helped them to attract maximum consumers. As consumers are looking for value for their money, companies are also keen to offer consumers exactly what they are craving for.

Today, several independent electricity, gas and water networks in the UK are serving schools, hospitals, housing, retailers, manufacturing units, corporate offices and private hotels. Some of the high profile infrastructures such as Birmingham New Street Station and London Olympic Park have their own specially designed utility networks for gas, water and electricity. These independent networks make sure that there will be a constant flow of service and consumers can enjoy all the facilities in the premise without any interruptions.

After the deregulation, several new service providers have been established thereby creating a much-awaited competition in the sector of utility connections. This allowed the consumers to avail highly flexible and lenient payment terms when it comes to meeting their bills. Above all, they can have one point of contact to resolve their issues when it comes to getting in touch with the utility connection provider.

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