The average household in the United Kingdom spends more than 1000 pounds every year on power consumption. Most of the people are missing out on a straightforward approach that can save them a chunk of money. Here are some of the most effective utility saving tips that will help you to save energy and money:

Utility saving tips

  • By simply switching from your existing energy service provider to the best one available in the market, you can reduce the decent amount on your energy bills. You can choose a supplier who is offering you the lowest tariff on energy usage. If you have multiple options to choose from then negotiate with the service provider to avail the best deal on your bills.
  • Turn off appliances from the main plug when you are not using them. Leaving your set-top boxes, TVs and game consoles in standby mode is the main reason behind high energy usage. You can also consider installing timer plugs to set the schedule off for the appliances.
  • Installing a smart thermostat will help you to put proper control on your energy usage as it will avoid heating rooms that you are not using. Your Smartphone can also control a smart thermostat so you don’t need to move to the room again and again. Though smart thermostats will cost you a few pounds during the initial time in the long run, they will save you several pounds by dropping your monthly bills.
  • Replacing old appliances with the new efficient ones is a most effective way to save house utilities. When you purchase new appliances make sure you buy only those who have got high-efficiency ratings. Whether it is acquiring a perfect shower head or setting up a new boiler, every single step will make a big difference to your utility bills.
  • Double glazing is one of the most intelligent ways to cut down heating bills as it will not only insulate your house but also keep it noise free. If you are thinking about installing double glazing, then make sure you opt for the one who has received A-rating.
  • Losing heat because of draught is also a common reason that may add up to your energy bills. Go for draught excluders or opt for the plastic lining to block the draught and maintain proper heat in your home. Insulating roof to avoid heat escaping from the room is also a great idea to save energy.
  • If you are extremely cautious about the number of utilities you are consuming every day, then install a smart meter to keep the proper track of your utility consumption. Whether it is gas, electricity or water, you can track your daily usage by having a smart meter installed at the right place.

If you are struggling hard to cut down your utility usage, then consult a utility management expert who will find a way to reduce your gas or energy consumption up to a significant level. Get in touch with your utility supplier and find out whether you can negotiate a flexible bill plan to manage your monthly budget.

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