Water connection is one of the most essential household utilities and every individual looks forward to installing it safely. Water connection cost depends upon several primary factors that mainly include the cost of design, infrastructure, and construction. Go through the following guide to know in detail about factors that affect the overall cost of your new water connection:

Several Factors that affect New Water Connection Cost

  • The longer is the distance of your water connection, the more charges you are going to incur in the form of material cost. The connection distance directly impacts length and size of the pipe required which eventually adds up the final cost.
  • The location where you want to install your water connection also affects the overall cost of your utility connection. In rural areas the main points from where the connection can be taken are fields away. This is the reason why the new connections in the rural area come with additional charges as compared to those in the city area.
  • The kind of surface that needs to be excavated and the amount of digging needs to be done also impact the cost of new water connection. If the surface is hard, then it will take more energy and time for excavation that will undoubtedly require more work hours to finish the task. In case, the ground condition is highly contaminated then the right material selection is one of the critical steps that require expert advice. The process is going to consume a decent amount of time and labour force which is ultimately going to add up the connection cost.
  • Third party charges such as those levied by the local regulatory authorities will affect the cost of your new water connection. The process involves a lot of planning and prior intimation need to be given to authorities for the smooth functioning of installation.
  • While installing the water connection, the service provider needs to deal with highway authorities as the process is going to cause a bit of disturbance, noise and inconvenience to the pedestrians. The charges applied by the authorities for managing all this stuff are going to cost you in the form of miscellaneous fees.
  • Infrastructure charges are quite separate from the water connection charges. The regulator of water industry sets them on a timely basis. These charges mainly cover the cost of additional work put on the service provider such as sewerage services. It also includes new water connection for a residential, commercial or industrial unit.
  • Nowadays, traffic management charges have become an integral part of new water connection charges. This is because your service provider needs to look after traffic management while installing a new connection.

When applying for the new water connection, search for competitive quotes and pick one that is offering you best service at an economical price. Experts always recommend consumers to opt for multi-utility connections as it can save your valuable money and time. So check out a list of service providers in your locality who are offering you multi-utility services at an affordable price. You can check out both online and offline sources to find out the best service provider.

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