Factors to Consider when getting a New Water Connection

Installing a new water connection isn’t always a straightforward task as there are a number of factors to consider if you’re to get the job done correctly and avoid paying more than you need to. At Connections2energy, we provide efficient, cost-effective water services to commercial and domestic customers across the country and pride ourselves on delivering a professional service every time. To assist you in making informed decisions about your current or future water connections, please take note of the following factors and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions.

Domestic and Commercial Connections

Water companies are legally obligated to respond to all requests for domestic connections but not commercial connections. When considering a commercial connection request, the water company must first ensure that current and potential domestic water demand will be met. There are terms and conditions involved in commercial requests, making it vital that you shop around for the right water provider in your area. As with every aspect of water connections, we can advise you on this.

Laying the Communication (Service) Pipe

If there isn’t an existing water connection at your home or place of business, a communication pipe, also known as a service pipe, that connects with the nearest water main will need to be laid. The water main is usually located at the boundary of the property where it meets the street, however, if there isn’t a water main nearby, you’ll need to have one installed. This is a service that we provide.

Another common issue with communication pipes relates to what is known as ‘common supply pipes’. These pipes are a regular feature among older terrace homes and involve a single connection from the water main to a number of houses. The water company is responsible for the common supply pipe that runs along the boundary of the property, with the branch pipe that runs off the supply pipe to each home or business the responsibility of the home or business owner. If you would like to upgrade from a branch pipe to your own communication pipe, this is something we can assist you with.

Having a Site Survey Conducted

Generally, site surveys are straightforward, and no issues are encountered. However, if during the survey it’s established that additional work is required to establish a water connection between the property and the mains, this could increase the cost of having the water connected at the home or workplace. Our experts will conduct the site survey professionally, taking into account all the relevant factors, to ensure that you get a reliable water connection at the right price.

At Connections2energy, we welcome all enquiries about our utility connections services, including water, gas and electricity connections. We provide services for both commercial and domestic customers across the country and welcome the opportunity to assist you with your project, regardless of scale, scope or complexity. To speak to a team member about your water connection needs, please call us on 03300552559.

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