Water connection is one of the essential household utilities you require for the smooth functioning of your everyday life. No matter how much water you consume every day, you wish for an interrupted supply of water in your house. Water meter is an efficient device that calculates the exact amount of water a house owner consumes every day. Water suppliers follow the meter readings to estimate water bills, so a user is charged only for the amount of water he actually consumed. Go through following guide that will help you to figure out whether you really need water meter in your house or not?

  • Every individual has a different habit of water usage. Some of them are very cautious while using the water while others end up consuming more than what they actually require. This is where the necessity of water meter comes into the picture as it may put check on water usage of people who do unnecessary wastage.
  • A water meter can save you a significant amount of money if you are living alone in the house or if you use very less amount of water. For larger families, installing a water meter may not be that economical as their water usage will be considerably high.
  • If you want to know how much money you can actually save by installing a water meter then you can take help of CCW calculator. It will allow you to figure out how much you are going to save on the basis of your water usage and tariff mentioned in your contract.
  • The cost of installing a water meter varies according to the location. For example, if you are living in England, your water supplier will install a water meter without imposing any charges.
  • Water suppliers are also offering discounts on water bills for users who are installing a water meter in their house. Most of the water supply companies run a social tariff scheme for consumers who fall under the specified eligibility criteria. If you are eligible for such a scheme, then your bill will be capped under a low tariff, regardless of your water consumption.
  • After installing a water meter in your house if you believe that you are not getting proper service from your water supplier company, then you can always consider switching to some other water connection provider.
  • Installing a water meter is a win-win situation for everybody. It makes sure consumers are reasonably charged and water supplier companies have enough water storage. It allows them to make proper distribution of water to society as they will have enough storage to fulfil every individual’s need.

A recently conducted research has proved that installing a water meter is the best way to control water consumption. This is the reason why regulatory authorities in some regions of UK are making it compulsory for consumers to install a water meter. So if you really believe that installing a water meter will save you some pounds on your water bills and also contribute to the environment, then it is worth going for it.

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