The water supplier market in the UK has been deregulated in last few months, which resulted in many new players entering into the competition. This has eventually allowed consumers to choose water supplier according to their own needs. Most of the people preferred to opt for multi-utility option while others prefer a same conventional way. Go through the following guide to know how you can change your existing water supplier with few easy steps:

  • The first important step involves determining your exact water usage and the charges you pay for your everyday water consumption. You can check out all these essential details in your latest water bill. You also have to keep note of SPID number which is available on the bill receipt.
  • During initial stages, gather other common information like your mode of bill payment, discount offered on bill payment and charges levied on delay payment by your water supplier. These details will help you to make a proper comparison while choosing the best supplier out of multiple options.
  • Knowing all the terms in detail of your existing contract will help you to fetch the best deal. If possible, get in touch with your current water supplier and ask him whether he can work on your current contract. While negotiating, you can also show him what deal other water suppliers are ready to offer and what are the main reasons behind the switch over. If your existing water supplier is ready to provide you with the same deal, then it is worth staying with him.
  • While checking out all other options available in your locality, make sure you look for only authorised and licensed water suppliers. For this purpose, you can do some online as well as offline research. This mainly involves visiting the office of water suppliers, checking out his website and contacting his support staff to get all the information.
  • Once you have submitted all the forms along with necessary documents to your new water supplier, the switchover process will take around 2 weeks. In case, you have decided to cancel the switchover then you are allowed to do so in cooling off phase. You can stop the switch process during this period without the need of giving any reason to cancel the switch.
  • Once the switching process is done, your existing supplier will process a final bill along with the due date. On the other hand, your new water supplier will provide you with a document that will include all the terms and conditions you agreed upon during the switching process. If you find anything doubtful, then contact support personnel of supplier as they are always ready to resolve your query.

There are several reasons why one should consider switching your water supplier. The benefits mainly include — good quality of water, improved service standards, timely removal of wastewater, customised service offerings, lower tariffs and expert advice on water usage. If your new supplier is providing you all these benefits, then it is worth making a switch.

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