No house is complete without a proper water connection system. A poor water system can make life horrible. Imagine having your toilet bowl overflowing or your kitchen sink babbling whenever your washing machine drains.

When planning to build a home, be sure to research and understand the various types of household water system connections that your house will need. It’s advisable to consult a reputable water connections company in this case.

Understanding the water system

Here’s an overview of the types of water connection systems.

Types of Household Water System

There are two main types of household water systems:

  • Supply systems, which bring water into your property.
  • Drainage systems, which eject wastewater out of your property.

Household Water Supply Systems

There are also two main types of supply systems:

  • Direct water supply system — Commonly used in modern homes, this system supplies normal pressurised drinking water from the main to all cold taps in the house. It is the safest and most cost-effective system.

The cold-water supply can also be connected to your hot water system.

The most significant disadvantage of a direct system is that you won’t get water in your home when the mains pressure goes down. It also makes more noise compared to other systems.

  • Indirect water supply system — In this home water system, water is not supplied directly to all taps. The water enters your house through the stopcock valve, which is normally found below the kitchen sink, and then goes to a storage tank.

This means that aside from the kitchen sink, the rest of the taps in the house draw their water from the storage tank. While this system is costlier than the direct system, it is more flexible. You will get water even when a pressure in the main is low.

However, it may not provide safe drinking water as the stored water is prone to contamination. It also may not work for you if your home needs a high supply of water.


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Household Water Drainage Systems

The second most important water connection system in a residential, commercial, or industrial property is that of expelling all sewage and grey water from the building. This system is designed to ensure that the air trapped between the dirty water is also ejected.

A poorly installed drainage system normally results in bad odour in sanitation facilities such as toilets. Fortunately, proper maintenance of a drainage system by professionals can save you from such problems. All the pipes of this system end up connecting with the main drainage system of the city, which transports wastewater and sewage to a designated treatment plant.

It is worth noting that the skill and knowledge required to install and maintain any water connection system is at a level beyond an ordinary person. You may commit costly mistakes if you decide to do this yourself in the name of saving money.

This is why it’s advisable to work with a reputable utility connections company, such as Connections2Energy.

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