A smart meter is a new kind of device that measures your gas and electricity usage more efficiently. It is a meter that digitally collects and sends meter readings back to your energy supplier at regular intervals in order to provide more accurate bills. The meter also has a display that can help you better understand your energy usage.

The Roll-out – When Will Smart Meters be Provided

The UK government now plans that all homes and business in England, Wales, and Scotland are provided smart meter upgrades by their energy suppliers, by the year 2020. That means energy companies will need to reach 26 million homes within that time to replace their old gas and electricity meters, as well as all commercial and industrial premises.

The British government decided to adopt the usage of Smart Meters as one of the measures to tackle climate change. These new meters will help to upgrade Britain’s aging energy system, and the roll-out of smart meters will benefit individual households, businesses, the nation, and the planet as a whole by being more environmentally-friendly.

The Benefits

The key benefits of these new-style meters over the old ones include:

  • A smart meter includes a display that allows you to see your energy usage in near real-time.
  • You will only need one display to view both your electricity and gas usage.
  • You’ll be able to see just how much electricity or gas you are using, in pounds and pence.
  • You will only be charged for the energy you have used, and it is not based on any estimates.
  • The new metering system should be able to save money on bills as we become more energy conscious.

How to Get a Smart Meter Fitted

Your energy supplier will contact you when they are upgrading meters in your area. They will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable time and date for installation. If you’re interested in having a smart meter fitted earlier than you are offered one, then this is also a possibility. Simply contact your energy supplier to request one and they may be able to install one in less time.

The suppliers will assess your property type and location when considering if they can install a new smart meter. Generally speaking, a utility company will follow a process in the installation of smart meters:

  • Urban areas will be fitted with Smart Meters before rural areas
  • Rural Scotland will be fitted before rural England and Wales
  • Houses will come first before being fitted to flats
  • Small flats will come first before being fitted to large blocks of flats

Businesses have different criteria that are also based on the type of premises, location, and energy needs.

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