5 Benefits Of Using A Multi-Utility Provider

5 Benefits Of Using A Multi-Utility Provider

Construction can be stressful and coordinating your own utilities can make the process even more challenging. With many different parties and multiple connection points involved, coordinating these all can become frustrating at times.

Using a multi-utility services company such as Connections2energy will alleviate the stress. Connections2energy will streamline your process by designing and delivering all your utility requirements through one single contact point.

What is a multi-utility provider?

A multi-utility services provider can supply you with an all-inclusive solution comprising gas services, electricity services and water services as a single package, making getting connected as easy as possible.

One point of contact

With just one point of contact throughout the entirety of your project, you will be eliminating numerous calls to different parties and numerous transfers through different departments.

At Connections2energy you will be assigned a specialist project manager who will be your one point of contact throughout the process. This gives you a key person to direct any questions and queries to, helping solutions to be found quickly and actioned immediately.

One-stop shop

Rather than contacting multiple different companies for a range of requirements, our dedicated team cover all areas of utilities. You’ll have a full-service package, tailor-made to your project’s exact requirements.

We have a wealth of knowledge and understand the complexities that can come with utilities, using our experience means we can easily navigate any issues that may arise.

A quicker process

By obtaining your utility requirements with Connections2energy, you can lessen the number of parties involved and reduce the amount of paperwork required, saving valuable time.

Not only can we save you time in the beginning, but we can also help you to meet tight deadlines throughout the length of your project. Our expert team have been able to bring deadlines forward due to their large network of industry contacts. Data collected from the National Federation of Builders also shows that multi-utility connections are less likely to experience delays.


The ability to save money is another great advantage of using multi-utility services. Using just one company for all services removes many people and steps in the process that in turn can reduce costs. Onsite costs can be reduced by connecting service networks in the same trench and streamlining other costly steps.

Effective planning

Knowing you can rely on one company to provide gas, water and electricity connections to your project could mean you’re able to plan more effectively. You can cut out a large portion of your management responsibilities, planning your project more effectively. If you’re on a tight deadline this can be particularly beneficial.

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