Utility Acronyms Explained

Utility Acronyms Explained

At Connections2energy, we believe that getting utilities should be simple, we aim to connect you to reliable service and empower your understanding every step of the way. The energy industry uses complicated technical terms and abbreviations that can be confusing. We’ve created ‘Utility Acronyms Explained’ to help explain these words and acronyms clearly, so you can understand the key information better.

CHP – Combined Heat and Power

WSD – Work Start Date

LOA – Letter of Authority

MPAN – Meter Point Asset Number (Electric)

MPRN – Meter Point Reference Number (Gas)

kWH – Kilowatt per hour

kVA – Kilo-Volt-Ampere (1,000 volt amps)

MVA – Megavolt Ampere

MVAR – Mega Volt Amperes Reactive

MW – Megawatt

MWh – Megawatt Hour

TW – Terawatt

TWh – Terawatt Hour

L/S – Litres per second (water)

IGT – Independent Gas Transporter

GT – Gas Transporters

HV – High Voltage Electric

LV – Low Voltage Electric

OHL – Overhead Lines

PTW – Permit To Work

CDM – Construction and Design Management

HSE – Health and Safety Executive

WIA – Water Impact Assessment

DIA – Drainage Impact Assessment

POC – Point of Connection

QCD – Quote Commitment Date

LP – Gas Low Pressure

MP – Gas Medium Pressure

IP – Intermediate Pressure

JT – Joint Trench

ECV – Emergency Control Valve (gas)

TM – Traffic Management

GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic (Kiosk)

MSDB – Multi Service Distribution Board (electric)

MDPE – Medium Density Polyethylene (water pipes)

SV – Site Visit

BP – Barrier Pipe

Wayleave / Easement – Legal Documents

CT – Current Transformer

App – Application

– Single-phase electric power

– Three-phase electric power

ICP– Independent Connection Provider

IDNO – Independent Distribution Network Operator

DNO – Distribution Network Operator (network owner)

STAT – Network Owner

NG – National Grid

DN – Distribution Network

WIRS – Water Industry Registration Scheme (Lloyd’s register)

NERS – National Electricity Registration Scheme (Lloyd’s register)

GIRS – Gas Industry Registration Scheme (Lloyd’s register)

MURS – Multi Utilities Recognition Status (Lloyd’s register)

WWU – Wales and West Utilities

SGN – Scottish and Southern Gas Network

NGN – Northern Gas Networks

SP – Scottish Power

UU – United Utilities

ENWL – Electricity North West Limited

WPD – Western Power Distribution

SSE Scottish and Southern Electric

NPG – Northern Power Grid

KOR – KOR Energy

BW – Bristol Water

SW – Scottish Water

ESW – Essex & Suffolk Water

NW – Northumbrian Water

STW – Severn Trent Water

AW – Affinity Water

ANW – Anglian Water

BOW – Bournemouth Water

CW – Cambridge Water

SEW – South East Water

SSW – South Staffordshire Water

SWW – South West Water

SOW– Southern Water

SESW – Sutton & East Surrey Water

TW – Thames Water

UU – United Utilities

WW – Welsh Water

WEW– Wessex Water

YW – Yorkshire Water

VM – Virgin Media

BT – British Telecoms

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