What are DNOs, IDNOs and ICPs?

What are DNOs, IDNOs and ICPs?

What is a DNO?

DNO stands for Distribution Network Operator. In the context of the utilities sector, particularly electricity, they are companies that are authorised to distribute electricity in the UK.

DNOs are licensed companies that run the regional electricity distribution networks that connect the high voltage transmission grid operated by the National Grid to homes, businesses, and industrial electricity users.

DNOs and electricity suppliers, like Octopus Energy or EDF, are often mixed up. The key difference is that suppliers are companies you choose to buy electricity from, while electricity distribution companies work on getting electricity to homes and businesses.

DNOs are responsible for:

  • Electricity cables – underground and overhead
  • Sub-stations
  • Transformers
  • Connecting properties to the electricity network
  • Moving the electricity supplies to the point the property meter
  • Non-contestable works

They are not responsible for the following:

  • Generating electricity
  • Selling electricity
  • The National Grid network

What is an IDNO?

Independent Distribution Network Operators are companies that develop, own, operate and maintain smaller, local electricity distribution systems within the DNO network.

IDNOs are connected to Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), either directly, or through other IDNOs. They carry power to homes and businesses around Britain. Unlike DNOs, they’re not bound to any specific geographical region and can therefore offer their services to a wider range of customers. IDNOs can adopt new infrastructure from ICPs contestable works.

What is an ICP?

An Independent Connections Provider (ICP) is an accredited company that carries out works on behalf of clients on the electricity network. ICPs can only operate in accordance to the extent that their accreditation specifies. They cannot take work greater than their stated NERS certification. ICPs can conduct contestable works.

How can Connections2energy assist?

Connections2energy manages both the contestable and non-contestable elements of a new connection to prove a complete connection solution. We liaise with all parties involved, from DNOs to ICPs offering a hassle-free service that takes care of everything from start to finish, so our clients can focus on what they do best.‍

Early discussions ensure that we can obtain all the necessary requirements for your development, from disconnections to temporary builder’s supply, all the way through to permanent connections. Utility management can be a time-consuming and complex task. Connections2energy endeavours to find you the best deal and arrange all of your requests through one dedicated contact point.

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