New Electricity Connections and Meter Installation

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Electricity Utility Services in the UK

We specialise in providing electric services to domestic and commercial customers right across the United Kingdom.

Our installation team of highly-experienced technicians and dedicated customer service department ensures that your request is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

To find out more about our new electricity service and how we can help you, call us NOW on 03300 552559 or email us at info@connections2energy.co.uk.

Your Full-Service UK Electricity Connection Company

We can perform a wide variety of electrical installations and provide new electricity supply for domestic and commercial customers across the UK. Our new electricity connection services range from providing upgrades to new electric meters to complex electrical installations that can only be completed by highly-experienced engineers.

We provide electric connection quotations that meet the network owners’ regulations

There are many regulations to be aware of when it comes to electrical installation.

Our industry professionals can deliver your connections and electric supply to meet these regulations, ensuring that your development has power when you need it. We work on a wide range of projects, from homeowners who need to relocate their electric meter, to high-voltage mains diversions, and substation installations.

We have successfully delivered multiple projects, including single-phase domestic connections and multiple occupancy developments that required a proportion of mains lay work. Whatever your requirements, we will ensure we deliver your project to meet your timescales.

Installing, Maintaining and Upgrading Equipment for Electricity and Gas Utilities

We are fully qualified and licensed electricity installers. As such, we regularly perform work for utility companies in the UK, including new installations, standard maintenance issues, and upgrades.

Whether you are looking for a team that can perform multiple electric service disconnections quickly or install a new electric supply and new electric meter in a remote location, you have come to the right place.

We can perform cable diversions and electric alterations, meter relocations, new electric connection and main installations, and other tasks that are related to electricity services. We can also construct new substations and complete a temporary electricity meter connection at short notice if required.

Why Use Connections2energy?

  • Family owned and managed company
  • Strong sense of customer commitment
  • We handle ALL utilities
  • New connections, disconnections, alterations, diversions, and metering
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Excellent testimonials
  • We can provide customer references
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • One client point of contact
  • Highly skilled, experienced Project Managers
  • Live or dead testing


To find out more about how we can help you, call us now on 03300 552559 or email info@connections2energy.co.uk

Electric Service Connections

  • Competitive pricing
  • Existing electricity capacity and supply options
  • New electric service connections
  • New electric main installations
  • Electric cable diversions and alterations
  • Electric meter upgrades
  • New electric meter installations
  • Electric meter relocations
  • Existing electricity apparatus removal
  • Substation construction
  • Temporary building supplies
  • Electric service disconnections

Power cuts

If you have an electrical power cut or local cable emergency, contact your local network operator.

To report a power cut, wherever you are in the UK, call free on 105.


We understand the importance of getting meters to your new gas and electricity connections, and we have everything in place to make this a stress free, time-efficient process. We can provide metering solutions for domestic and commercial properties, together with all associated works.

At Connections2energy, our dedicated team of experts will help you with the upgrade or relocation of existing gas and electricity meters. For more information, call us on 03300 55255. Further information can be found on our Metering Services page.

Electricity Connection FAQs

  • What is a a single-phase and three-phase supply?

    A single-phase supply gives you a capacity of up to 20kva, and is usually used for standard size domestic properties and small businesses. A three-phase supply is used for larger commercial properties that require a load greater than 20kva. A three-phase can also be used for multiple occupancy properties and fed into a distribution board.

  • Can I have a three-phase connection for my house?

    Yes, you can have whatever service you want. However, a higher load requirement may impact your point of connection to the network, which means more work will be required on the public land. Your account manager will advise you on load requirements.

  • What is an MPAN number?

    An MPAN is a Meter Point Administration Number, which is unique to the electric service to your property. An MPAN is required to register a meter to your property and allows us to arrange your meter installation and supply.

  • Who connects my consumer unit?

    A qualified electrician is required to undertake that part of your connection. We will bring your electric service to your meter box and install your meter for you if requested.

  • When can you carry out the works?

    We aim to deliver your new electric connections within six to 12 weeks of receipt of your acceptance and payment. We do need approval from your local authority prior to undertaking any work on the public highway.

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